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intouch Live NYC Symposium Videos & Photos

You are able to find the different photos from the event at our Instagram, as well as here:  IntouchLive NYC Photos.The different panel sessions for the event can be found below.

Session 1

The Future of Cyber Risk

Moderated by: Natasha Fuentes


  • George Usi

  • Hillard Sterling

  • Timothy Torres

Session 2

The Anatomy Of A Cyber Breach

Moderated by: Doug Howard


  • Richard Reiter

  • Holden Watne

  • Jason Gabrielsen

  • Maria Efaplomatidis

Session 3

D&O Risk In The Age Of Cyber

Moderated by: Erez Golomb


  • Marc Voses

  • Kilauren McShea

  • Scott Karalis

Session 4

Who Do You Call When You Have A Cyber Breach?

Moderated by: Kurtis E. Suhs


  • Jay Harmon

  • Stu Panensky

  • Anna DeMarco

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